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What is The Portal Connector?

The Portal Connector is the leading web portal solution for Dynamics 365 and The Power Platform. Its drag and drop, point and click configuration enables you to rapidly deliver a flexible, scalable and highly secure web portal. With seamless, two-way integration between your existing Microsoft Dynamics business information and a secure, customizable online portal it provides a more effective, accurate, and profitable Customer Service experience faster.

Watch a Video: The Portal Connector Explained in 2 Minutes.

How long has The Portal Connector been around?

The Portal Connector was created in 2013 as a customer solution to provide a more flexible, easier to manage solution then other options for Dynamics CRM. The Portal Connector has been on the mainstream market since 2014. The Portal Connector’s parent company,, was established in 1969. Read The Portal Connector story here

How many customers do you have? Where are they located globally?

The Portal Connector has a global customer base, located in more than 20 countries including Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Trinidad & Tobago, Qatar, Germany and Switzerland, to name a few! Our customers include businesses, associations and governments.

How are you different than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals / PowerApps Portals?

The Portal Connector is easier to use, is more cost-effective, is more customizable, and has more features and capabilities than Dynamics 365 Portals, PowerApps Portals or any other solution on the market. View a Comparison Chart here

What are the most common portals used by business?

The Portal Connector can be used to create a portal for virtually any business need. Check out the Top 5 Web Portals most used by business, and how The Portal Connector can get you started! Endless Portal Possibilities, with Unlimited Flexibility.

What is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is an enterprise-class Content Management System (CMS) originally developed by Telerik. In late 2014 Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) acquired Telerik and has been enhancing Sitefinity with enterprise features since. The Portal Connector is recognized as the premium Dynamics CRM/365 connector for Progress Sitefinity.

What is

The Portal Connector is developed and supported by, a full-service computer Information Technology company providing computer networking, custom software development, Dynamics CRM / 365 solutions, website design and hosting services. While The Portal Connector was launched in 2014, it grew out of a long standing company that started in 1969. Learn more about

How often are new versions released?

The Portal Connector continues to bring value to Customers and Partners, with innovation and inspiration. We provide quarterly version releases with 1 major update per year. Curious what we’re currently working on? Check out The Portal Connector Roadmap!

Do you have a product roadmap?

Yes. Development of The Portal Connector never rests, as we continually strive to provide new and enhanced functions and capabilities. Check out our Product Roadmap to see what we’re currently working on!

Do you have any case studies or success stories?

Yes. Explore our featured case studies that showcase stories of how The Portal Connector’s web portal solutions have helped streamline our customer’s business processes and customer service experience:

FirstPath, a Tier-1 Telco
The Portal Connector Changed MMRO’s Value Proposition
Tecplot Manages Own Web Portal

Do you have a Partner Program?

Yes. Our Partner Program is for the Microsoft Dynamics Partner that wants to grow their pipeline by providing exceptional web portal solutions to customers. Learn more about The Portal Connector’s Partner Program