Release Notes - Version 3.​3

New Features

  • Signature Widget

    New widget that allows users to sign their name on forms that support notes. Images created using the signature widget will be pushed to a new note on the respective record.
    Signature Widget
  • Saved Queries as a Service

    New Portal Connector module to create dynamic JSON web services that accept up to 16 parameters and execute Fetch XML based on those parameters.
  • Ecommerce Product List Widget

    A new widget that utilizes the same front end of the default Sitefinity Product List widget but instead provides current and correct pricing using the price list of the logged in user.
    Ecommerce Product List
  • Open Authentication Integration

    New open source Portal Connector add-on that enables Open Authentication logins that utilize both Sitefinity and Dynamics CRM to manage the users. Support for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are provided out of the box.
    Open Authentication
  • CRM User Id Filtering

    An update to The Portal Connector Dynamics CRM solution that adds a new "CRM User" field to the Portal User record. This allows administrators to relate 1 or more portal users to a specific CRM User and provides filtering capabilities within the portal widgets based on that same CRM User of the logged in portal user.
    CRM User ID Filtering
  • CRM Workflow Widget

    A new widget that allows you to execute on demand workflows related to a form record at the push of a button.
    Workflow Widget

Feature Enhancements

  • CRM Validator Aggregate Fetch Support

    Added aggregate fetch support to the CRM Validator to allow for more advanced validations.
  • Ecommerce Pay Button Extra Data

    New configuration property that enables the ability for address data, shipping information, and other details to be pushed to orders fulfilled by the Ecommerce Pay Button process.
  • Accelerator Multilingual Support

    Added support for multilingual pages, forms and templates to the accelerator. Translations will now export and import properly between Sitefinity sites.
  • SharePoint Documents based on Accounts or Contacts

    Added support for SharePoint documents with root libraries based on of Contacts or Accounts
  • Validate on Edit for the Validator

    Advanced property added to the validator to enable or disable the validator when the form is in edit mode.
  • CRM Text Field Regex Validation

    Added support for Regular Expression validations on the CRM Text Field input.
  • CRM Lookup Object Data

    New advanced property for the CRM Lookup that exposes object data: ExposeRowObjectData. When set to true this property will make all the columns in the Fetch XML available for use in the front end JavaScript API
  • User Identity Injector

    Injects identity information about the currently logged in user to every front end page in The Portal Connector. This provides more flexible options when dealing with personalized data using the JavaScript API.

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for to the CRM Text Field to support Dynamics CRM attributes with a database length longer than 4000 characters.
  • Fixed issue with product synchronization where price list items would not be synchronized correctly after an initial synch unless the resynchronization was preformed twice
  • Resolved issues preventing users from downloading SharePoint documents using the SharePoint document grid even though they were permitted to do so.
  • Fixed issue with the validator that caused any filters applied to not save correctly.
  • Fixed issue where eCommerce auxiliary data did not support processing on "Pay Button" salesorders or invoices.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when selecting a default template on a widget and refreshing the templates breaking that widget. This issue will be resolved the next time the templates are refreshed.
  • Added a delay to the CRM Lookup Add/Edit refresh dialogue closed refresh to ensure that the refreshed data will contain the updated records.
  • Fixed issue where the chart widget Designers would not load if there was no CRM Connection
  • Fixed database caching issue that appeared when importing accelerators with forms. The Application Pool is now recycled when importing accelerators with forms.
  • Added advanced property to the CRM Lookup widget to allow rebinding on post-back. Fixing any issues with more advanced form configurations.
  • Fixed issue with the SharePoint document grid tokens expiring too early on older browsers or slower computers.
  • Fixed issue where Portal Connector profile fields data would be displayed as "[Object object]" in newer Sitefinity versions.
  • Fixed issue where the Product selector would not retrieve the Live version of the product, potentially causing errors when checking out.
  • Fixed error that happens when trying to export or import forms and pages that contained no widgets.
  • Fixed paging issue that occurred when trying to export over 50 forms at once using the Accelerator Builder.
  • Fixed minor styling issues for the Accelerators that occurred on older Sitefinity versions
  • Fixed issue with Portal Connector page Icons not rendering when Sitefinity 8.2.5200 and Feather were installed at the same time.
  • Fixed accelerator issue where pages would be imported in the incorrect order. Causing pages under group pages to be moved to the root level of Sitefinity or pages failing to import completely.
  • Fixed SQL Timeout issue from locked records that potentially could happen when updating certain fields on a contact or portal user record in Dynamics CRM.
  • Fixed error that happened with certain Sitefinity versions that prevented users from being able to update their Portal Connector license with the Accelerators addon.
  • Fixed error being generated from unconfigured CRM Sub-Grid View widgets.
  • Fixed issue that occurred in the CRM Lookup when configured as read-only causing errors when retrieving a Dynamics CRM attribute that did not exist or when the CRM Lookup was not configured.

Known Issues

  • Metadata Changes

    The way the CRM Metadata is saved has been changed slightly to reduce the possibility of duplicate attributes appearing in your Portal Connector instance.

    Actions Required:
    To ensure metadata integrity, the following steps are recommended:
    1. Navigate to the Entity Metadata Manager
    2. Click on the clean Clean Metadata and wait 5 minutes.
    3. Click on Synchronize All Metadata

​Breaking Changes

  • Existing Accelerators will Fail to Import

    Existing accelerators will fail to import after the upgrade. This is due to the extensive changes required to implement multilingual support.

    Actions Required:
    Re-export the accelerator using TPC 3.3 or higher.
  • Deprecated CRM Data View Widget

    The CRM Data View widget has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. The CRM List View widget is now the recommended widget to use when trying to display data.
  • .NET 4.5.2 Upgrade

    The Portal Connector is now built using .NET 4.5.2 to allow compatibility with the new Dynamics CRM 2016 SDK API. This will cause existing SitefinityWebApp projects compiled to a lower .NET version fail to compile after the upgrade.

    Actions Required:
    1. Ensure .NET Framework 4.5.2 is installed on the Sitefinity server 
    2. Open the SitefinityWebApp.csproj file with Visual Studio
    3. Right click the SitefinityWebApp project in the Solution Explorer and select "Properties"
    4. Navigate to the Application tab
    5. Under Target framework, select ".NET Framework 4.5.2", agree to the dialogue if present.
    6. Right click the SitefinityWebApp project in the Solution Explorer again and select "Build"
  • CRM User Creator using Sitefinity Roles

    The CRM User Creator now uses Sitefinity roles for assignment as opposed to Dynamics CRM synchronized Sitefinity roles. This will cause all existing CRM User Creator widgets to not assign a role or fail to work after the upgrade.

    Actions Required:
    Modify all exiting CRM User Creator widgets to use their respective Sitefinity role as opposed to the Dynamics CRM Portal Role.