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Dependent Lookup Values in TPC Form

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  1. Diana Diana Correa (MiddleEast)
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    10 Feb 2021
    11 Feb
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    We have two lookup fields on the CRM entity which are dependant. How do we configure the dependency at the form level in sitefinity Forms using Portal connector widgets?
  2. Eric Mann
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    16 Oct 2020
    15 Feb in reply to Diana Diana Correa (MiddleEast)
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    I did this by using Filters and Data / FetchXML on the Lookup Widget. 
    Filter - define one of the dependent lookups ( A ) in the Filter for lookup ( B ). 
    Data / FetchXML - filter Fetch based on above.
    Then I hide / show using Rules Manager on the Form to give more intuitive user experience. 

  3. Patrick
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    20 Apr 2020
    19 Feb
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    Thanks Eric for sharing that, that's exactly right.

    Diana, you can review this document for more clarification on how to create and use filters:

    We're currently working on adding points for other filter types, but the same principle applies. You would create the filter in the widget which has a dependency, and you would select "Field Value" in the "Filter Type" dropdown. Then in the "Value" dropdown, select the field you'd like to filter on.

    Hope this helps!

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3 posts, 1 answered