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Role Synchronization causing a duplicate

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  1. Richard Watt
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    12 May 2021
    12 May
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    I am trying to understand the behavior of Roles and synchronization with Dynamics 365 (D365). I have determined the following.

    1. Sitefinity (SF) existing roles do not sync automatically to D365 (once TPC is configured)
    2. Once TPC is installed & configured, then new roles created in SF will sync to D365 at time of creation
    3. Existing SF roles will sync to D365 when assigned to a user who exists in D365 as a Portal User.
    4. Roles created in D365 will sync to SF, but only when first assigned to a Contact.
    5. Role assignments can be performed in either SF or D365.

    When I do 3 - create a role in D365 and assign to a contact, I find I get a duplicate role of the same name created in D365. The role syncs to SF ok.  My assumption is the role creation is triggering a sync back again to D365 creating the duplicate.
    Is this normal?  Should new roles only be created first in SF before assigning in D65?

  2. Vladyslav Makar
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    16 Dec 2020
    28 May in reply to Richard Watt
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    Greetings Richard,

    Thank you for reaching us here. I've provided a link to some documentation that might help you in the user roles creation, in case you haven't seen it already:,to%20any%20Portal%20you%20desire

    Also, you can always reach us at for the assistance or join the daily Q&A Session where we can try to assist you in person.

    Best regards,
2 posts, 0 answered