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Custom Query String and Grid records edit

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  1. Kripesh C K
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    28 Jan 2021
    24 Feb
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    Hi Guys,

    How can I pass Custom Query String in to a form. Can I know the format of that. Also I am unable to edit Grid records by using the edit button. The data of the records are not populated to the form. 

  2. Omar S
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    04 Jul 2019
    24 Mar in reply to Kripesh C K
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    Hi Kripesh, 
    You can add a custom query string via Javasript api's on the browser. See 
    var searchParams = new URLSearchParams(
        searchParams.set("foo", "bar");
        var newRelativePathQuery = window.location.pathname + '?' + searchParams.toString();
        history.pushState(null, '', newRelativePathQuery);

    If you want the query string to be passed as a value to your CRM, I suggest you look at our Query String widget. 

    For your second question, i suggest you attend one of our daily Q+A and ask it.



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2 posts, 0 answered