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on-Prem to Cloud Migration - Order/invoice entity won´t migrate due to missing pav_fields

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  1. eva.braun
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    12 Feb 2015
    22 Aug 2019
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    Hi team, we are currently in the progress of migrating our CRM from on-prem to cloud.

    The Order and Invoice entity won´t import, saying these fields are missing on the target cloud CRM [pav_authorizationcode, pav_cardnumber, pav_cardtype, pav_onlinesale, pav_transactionamount, pav_transactionid, pav_transactiontype].

    We had pre-installed the latest TPC version on the target cloud sys prior to starting the migration. So, all required fields are already there in the cloud sys, but somehow are not recognized during the solution import for order and invoice entity.

    Do you have any advice or best practice on how to solve this?
    Thank you!
  2. Josh
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    01 Jun 2018
    28 Oct 2019 in reply to eva.braun
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    Hello Eva,

    Typically, we do not see issues with performing CRM migrations, especially if you have already pre-installed the TPC Solution on the destination CRM. For performing any sort of CRM migration, the only real requirement is to make sure that The Portal Connector solution is installed on the destination CRM.

    If you are performing a record-by-record migration, it is recommended that you disable all TPC Plugins on the destination CRM. This can be accomplished under Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System -> Sdk Message Processing Steps. Find and Deactivate all Processing steps that begin with pavliks.PortalConnector. Make sure to Activate these steps once the CRM Migration has finished, otherwise The Portal Connector will not function correctly.

    We would recommend you try re-installing the TPC Solution on the cloud system and attempting the migration again. If you continue to face this issue, please send an email to the support team at



2 posts, 1 answered