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Lookup added on the form but on previewing throwing an exception

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  1. AKHIL R
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    18 Sep 2019
    18 Sep 2019
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    Hi Team,

    1. Added the Lookup to the form. While previewing it is throwing an error.
    2. Populating the field values on textboxes from the selected Lookup value based on a condition on the form
    3. Created an entity in CRM but it is not listing under CRM entities in portal. 
  2. Josh
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    01 Jun 2018
    28 Oct 2019 in reply to AKHIL R
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    Hello Akhil,

    1) What error is being thrown by the Lookup in preview mode? Has it been properly configured to point to a Lookup attribute of the Entity on the Form? Please provide more information.

    2) If you are trying to change the value of different TPC Textbox’s based on changes in a TPC Picklist, you have two options depending on the complexity of what you are trying to accomplish.

    Option #1 – Rules Manager

    Create a new rule that is triggered when the target TPC Lookup field Changes. Once the field changes, use either Set Value or Copy Value on the text field that you would like to dynamically change. More information on the Rules Manager can be found here:

    Option #2 – Custom JavaScript Implementation 

    If the TPC Rules Manager is unable to handle the complexity of your requirement, you can create a custom JavaScript implementation that is fired when the TPC Picklist value changes. You can subscribe to this event using the add_valueChanged() function of the TPC Picklist.

    tpc.forms.sf_accountformjdizzle.accountcategorycode.add_valueChanged(function(arguments){ console.log(arguments) });

    In the above example, you would create your own implementation where the console.log(arguments) is being done. This function will be fired any time the TPC Picklist value is changed.

    More information on the TPC Picklist and add_valueChanged() function can be found here:

    3) Depending on the version of The Portal Connector you are using, there will be different steps to resolve this issue. Essentially the entity is not appearing on your Portal because it does not exist in the Metadata. The following is an outline of the steps to resolve this issue depending on your version of The Portal Connector.

    TPC Version 5.2 or Greater – Administration -> Portal Connector Configuration -> The Portal Connector -> Metadata Settings -> Force Resync Metadata

    TPC Version 5.1 or Below – Administration -> Portal Connector Configuration -> The Portal Connector -> General Settings -> Refresh CRM Metadata

    In The Portal Connector 5.2, we completely rebuilt the way TPC Metadata is processed to improve speed and performance. More information regarding TPC Metadata changes can be found here: More information regarding the legacy TPC Metadata can be found here:

    Hopefully you find this information useful. Please feel free to reach out to if you need any further assistance.



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