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Contact not invited to the Web Portal

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  1. Brad Hunt
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    25 Oct 2018
    17 Dec 2018
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         I had a user with an account in Sitefinity and also an account in Dynamics CRM. In CRM, I went into Portal Roles details and deleted the user from the "Users" role. Then I went into sitefinity and completely deleted the user's account entirely.

    Now, in CRM I want to add the user back as a portal user, but when I click to send the user an invite, I get the following error:

    Did not invite contact with id '{35C37748-64FA-E811-A94F-000D3A4F1A4F}' to portal. Contact already has portal user.

    I confirmed that no users exist in the portal users in CRM, so not sure what else to try to add the user back.
  2. Josh
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    01 Jun 2018
    28 Oct 2019 in reply to Brad Hunt
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    Hello Brad,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. To recreate a Portal User in Sitefinity, you must do the following two steps.

    • Delete the User from Sitefinity (Administration -> Users)
    • Delete the Portal User Record in CRM. (Settings -> Portals -> {Target Portal} -> Portal Users)
      • Under the Portal Users tab, you will see a list of all pav_portaluser records, these records are used to store Portal User information. Make sure to double click the record you would like to delete (not the contact), and you will see the “Portal User: Information” page. Simply delete this record.

    Once these two steps have been completed successfully, you will be able to send a new Portal Invite to the existing contact.

    It appears from the error message you provided “Did not invite contact with id '{35C37748-64FA-E811-A94F-000D3A4F1A4F}' to portal. Contact already has portal user”, the second step was not executed correctly. You may have deleted the record indicating the role of the Portal User, but the Portal User record itself still exists.

    Please let us know if you have any other issues.



2 posts, 1 answered