Validator - Setting up and Using the Validator

  1. Start by dragging a TPC Form Layout into the body of your page. Then, drag a CRM Form Configuration widget into the TPC Form Layout. For this example I will be setting the Form Configuration widget to use the case entity.
  2. Click and drag a CRM Validator widget in the body of your form and click on the edit button to display the properties prompt. For this example, the widget will be configured to look up all Case records that are related to the contact loaded into the form by the Customer field. Below the FetchXML textarea, the widget will be configured to trip its validation when the number of returned case records is equal to or greater than four. This means that you will not be allowed to submit the form.

  3. Underneath the Filters tab, the widget will be configured with a filter on a querystring with the parameter of contactid to ensure that we are only getting case records where the customer is the contact currently loaded in the form.

  4. On the page, attempting to submit the form with a contact that has at least four cases will result in a validation error.