Order Management Accelerator

Supported Sitefinity Version: 9.0+
Supported Portal Connector Version: 3.3+
Supported CRM Version: 2016/Online

The Portal Connector Order Management accelerator provides functionality that allows users to manage profile information, order history, invoice history and create RMA requests for product returns. This accelerator also includes a corresponding Dynamics CRM solution targeted for CRM 2016/Online and above.

Installation Next Steps

  1. Setting up you SMTP settings
    The forgot password functionality requires Sitefinity to be able to send out email, for this to happen SMTP setting will need to be configured. Instructions for configuring SMTP settings within Sitefinity can be found here: http://docs.sitefinity.com/administration-configure-smtp-settings.
  2. Configuring permissions for secured pages
     The import does not set security permissions on pages so you will need to configure these permissions for the "Portal" page. Permissions configured on this page will be inherited by all child pages. Instructions on how to configure security/permissions can be found here: http://docs.sitefinity.com/tutorial-grant-permissions-for-pages.

CRM Configurations

This Accelerator imports a managed CRM solution into your configured Dynamics CRM system. The following is a list of customizations included in the solution: 


  • Adds "Order Return Request" option to the Case Type field.
  • Adds "​Order Change Request" option to the Case Type field​.
  • Adds "Order Problem" option to the Case Type field​.
  • Adds "Invoice Question" option to the Case Type field​.
  • Adds the lookup field "Related Invoice" and relationship to the Invoice entity.
  • Adds the lookup field "Related ​Order" and relationship to the ​Order entity.
  • Adds the field "Related ​RMA" and relationship to the Return Merchandise Authorization entity.
  • Adds the new view "Active Invoice Questions".
  • Adds the new view "Active Order Change Requests".
  • Adds the new view "Active Order Problems".


  • Adds new global optionset field "Carrier".
  • Adds ​new field "Tracking Number"

New Entity

  • Adds new entity "Return Merchandise Authorization".

Sitefinity Configurations

Data Configuration-80


  • Case
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Order
  • Order Details
  • Product
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Details
  • Return Merchandise Authorization

Save as-96
Saved Queries

  • OrderManagement-GetOrderProductInfo
  • OrderManagement-GetInvoiceProductInfo
  • OrderManagement-GetReturnProductInfo
  • OrderManagement-GetReturnCaseID


  • Adds new template "Simple Base Template".
  • Adds new template "Simple Base Template Portal".
  • Adds new template "Simple Popup Template".

RGB Circle 1-96

  • Adds new theme "Simple Base Template".

Sheet of Paper-96

  • Adds new page "Login".
    • Adds new page "Register".
    • Adds new page "User Exists".
    • Adds new page "Change Password".
  • Adds new page "Portal".
    • Adds new page "Thank You".
    • Adds new page "Profile".
      • Adds new page "My Profile".
      • Adds new page "My Company Profile".
        • Adds new page "Add/Edit Contact".
    • Adds new page "Order Management".
      • Adds new page "My Orders".
        • Adds new page "Order Details".
          • Adds new page "Request a Change".
          • Adds new page "Report a Problem".
          • Adds new page "Return Instructions".
      • Adds new page "My Invoices".
        • Adds new page "Invoice Details".
          • Adds new page "Have a Question".
      • Adds new page "My Product Returns".
        • Adds new page "Return Details".
          • Adds new page "RMA Document".


  • Adds new form "Profile - Company".
  • Adds new form "Profile - Personal".​
  • Adds new form "Contact - Quick Add/Edit".​
  • Adds new form "Order - View".​
  • Adds new form "​Order - Request Change".​
  • Adds new form "​Order - Report Problem".​
  • Adds new form "Order - Return Instructions".​
  • Adds new form "​Invoice - View".​​
  • Adds new form "​Invoice - Have a Question".​​
  • Adds new form "​RMA - View".​​
  • Adds new form "​RMA - Document".​​
  • Adds new form "​RMA - Document (Case Info)".​​
* Accelerators can contain Dynamics CRM solutions that may import unwanted changes to your currently connected Dynamics CRM instance. It is recommended that you install accelerators in a development environment before migrating to production and to use proper backup and recovery practices for all environments. The Portal Connector is not responsible for adverse effects to your Sitefinity or CRM configurations as a result of importing a Portal Connector or 3rd party accelerator.


  • RMA2
  • RMA1
  • profile2
  • profile1
  • orders5
  • orders4
  • orders3
  • orders2
  • invoices1
  • Login
  • orders1
  • RMA3
  • invoices2
  • invoices3