RECOMMENDATION: If you are using a version of The Portal Connector higher than 4.0, we strongly recommend utilizing the MVC based widgets and components to create your site. This documentation is for legacy purposes only and will soon be deprecated.

Fixing Special Characters on you Portal

Sitefinity supports many different languages. By default, all the Latin characters and most non-Latin characters will display accurately. However in some instances, non-Latin characters will not display properly.

An order to fix this issue, we need to force our application to use UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format) Unicode standards, which will replace the excising character set. (For more Information about HTML Unicode References Click here:

Please follow these steps to set your application to use UTF-8.

  1. From the root of your Sitefinity application locate your web.config file.  Refer to the the screen shot below: 

  2. Open the web.config file -> find the <System.web> tag -> find the <globalization> tag and add fileEncoding=”utf-8” attribute to the tag. It will look like this. 

  3.  Restart your application for the changes that you made to be effect.