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Licensing Costs Matter


Money matters and the amount you spend on licensing a solution is critically important right now.  Businesses are looking for ways to deliver more value with fixed and predictable costs.

In addition, providing services online and quickly is a priority as many businesses are re-engineering how they offer products and services to their customers.

Looking for a web portal, that is easy to deliver at a fixed cost – you have come to the right place!

The Portal Connector has been the leader in these categories for over 5 years.  Here’s the hard facts on that claim.

Easy to deliver

Drag and Drop tools make it easy for a CRM User, or Citizen Developer to create web pages and web portals that quickly engage customers, with real time integration between the portal and Dynamics 365 / CRM.

How to videos and onboarding services mean you don’t have to do this alone.  Our team has prepared resources and are available to get your web portal up and running quickly.

Developers can use the language of their choice to quickly develop web portals.  No need to learn a new complicated programming language to create a web portal – who has time for that?

Partner resources, we work with Dynamics 365 partners to deliver solutions quickly and effectively.

Watch our 4 minute demo to see how easy it is to use The Portal Connector.

Fixed Cost and the Alternative.

So the nitty gritty dirt here is that The Portal Connector has a one-time licensing cost and Power Apps Portals model is monthly pay per consumption.  So, if you expect your customers to use your portal, and we think you do, then you need to be prepared to pay a monthly fee depending on the consumption of your customers.  Catch 22, right?  Use our portal, but not too much?

How does The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals licensing models compare?
Licensing Chart


To better understand the pricing models, let’s take a look at a typical small to mid-size professional organization with the goal of providing a secure portal to allow members to login, update personal information, submit requests or update professional credentials.

What will the cost implications be as a result of usage over three years?


  • 1,000 active users or members

  • 60% log into the portal each month for updates and various other functions

  • Of these members, 50% login 3+ times monthly, totaling 1,200 unique logins

  • Portal is a public-facing website with less than 100,000 page views per month

  • Note: This scenario does not account for membership and organizational growth

Scenario Chart

So, you can see there is a large difference in these two licensing models, and when money is tight, you need to be thinking about the unexpected costs associated with unpredictable customer behavior.

If you are new to investigating web portals, we encourage you to read our Guide to Choosing a Web Portal where we explore in detail the factors that can make or break your new portal project.


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