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Get your Portal Now, Upgrade your CRM Later

Are your Web Portal plans stalled because you are waiting for your Dynamics CRM upgrade?

We often hear people say they are waiting for their CRM Upgrade before they start on their web portal solution.  We also hear people say they don’t know when the CRM Upgrade will be complete.

If this sounds like the situation in your organization, we have great news for you!

You don’t need to wait to start on your portal solution – that is if you use The Portal Connector!

There are 2 important things to consider when your web portal plans are stalled by a CRM Upgrade:

  • Portals are easier than CRM Upgrades.  Many companies can get a basic web portal solution up and running in a few weeks.  That cannot be said for most CRM Upgrades.  You could have a fully functioning portal long before your CRM Upgrade.  Don’t’ wait around, start realizing the increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiencies now.

  • Because The Portal Connector engine is outside of CRM, upgrading your CRM does not impact your web portal at all.  Once the upgrade is complete, you connect The Portal Connector to the new CRM instance and voila – no downtime or disruption to your web portal.  And no complicated development involved.
Keep in mind that not all portal solutions can make the same claim.  There are complications with CRM upgrades if you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portals.

So, choose The Portal Connector and get your Web Portal up and running now.  Realize the benefits sooner rather than later.  And enjoy the ease of an easy upgrade with your portal intact!

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