Integrating your Web Portal with PowerBI

Integrating your Web Portal with Power BI

A Power BI Report is a multi-perspective view into a dataset, with visualizations that represent different findings and insights from that dataset. With real-time analytics and visualizations, Power BI is helping businesses of all sizes shift to a culture of modern business intelligence that is focused on data driven decision making. 

Power BI with The Portal Connector

The Power BI dashboards, reports, and tiles can be shared to the Portal and viewed by anonymous and secure Portal users (i.e. Dynamics CRM contacts) using the Power BI widget. With these reports you can visualize and analyze your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on the portal.

The Portal Connector Power BI Widget

There are two separate models for the Power BI support:

  1. Power BI Embedded Reports: It provides users the ability to leverage Power BI secure workspace and reports.
  2. Power BI Reports: It enables users to quickly insert, unsecured "Publish to Web" Power BI reports.

Refer to our documentation on ‘How to configure the Power BI Reports in The Portal Connector.

Using the Power BI reports, you can get the real-time insights from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. It allows you to easily access and analyze your sales, service, or marketing data.

Below are a few examples of CRM Reporting through Power BI:

  • Sales Pipeline Reports: Bring your company’s sales pipeline under the magnifying glass and report on revenue, win counts and ratios as well as open activities and lead analysis to better forecast revenue.

  • Service Management: Improve overall service levels and resolution rates by analyzing the volume and status of support tickets.

  • Account Management: Analyze the performance of individual account managers to maximize productivity and ensure targets are met.

Business Benefits: 

  • Increased productivity: By being able to present reports quickly and independently, employees can spend more time on strategic activities rather than manually crunching data. And executives get a condensed view without having to spend time sorting through vast amounts of information that they don’t need.

  • Real time response: The Portal Connector has real time data communication with Dynamics CRM, thus reports are updated automatically giving you full visibility of your business performance at a click of a button.

  • Increased ability to make real-time, data-driven business decisions: Employees have access to regularly refreshed information with the ability to filter and analyze data.

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