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Do you support On Premise Deployments?

With the advances in Cloud technology, many software companies are providing more and more services as a SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, but have you ever asked "where is my data being stored geographically?"  Most companies can offer a region, or general idea of where the data is being store, but most often, cannot offer the exact location.  

What if your organization isn't ready for the Cloud, or has existing policies about Data Residency or you simply want to ensure the location of your data?  When it comes to customer engagement web portals, the data you are collecting and the interaction your customers have with that data can be sensitive or involve private information, so providing the security, and assuring that the data is protected can be of utmost importance.

If you have strategically decided to continue with an on premise deployment of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance or you have the latest D365 on premise option, The Portal Connector has you covered!  With our web portal solution, you can choose to host the web portal on an internal Windows Server along side your CRM/365 deployment! This keeps everything hosted locally and secure.

The Portal Connector team travels all over the world attending various conferences, and one of the most popular questions we have received over the last 2 years is "Do you support on premise hosting?" We are very pleased to always answer not only YES to on premise, but that approximately 70% of our customers have chosen to successfully host their web portal on premise.

For more information about our On Premise Hosting Option, or to discuss anything Portal-related, please contact us at info@crmportalconnector.com.


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