Learn, Customize and Deliver Portals

Learn, Customize, and Deliver Portals

It doesn’t matter what type of hero you are, all heroes need the right tools to thwart the plans of evil villains. Batman has his trusty utility belt, Spiderman has his webs and Spidey Sense and Portal Hero has The Portal Connector.

Even with the right tools, a hero’s job is tough. Knowing what tools to use and when to use them can determine success or failure. Batman, of course, had Alfred to assist him in his decisions and application of his tools. The Portal Hero has his trusted team, but how about you? How do you become a Portal Hero for your organization?

Quick to Learn

As The Portal Hero, I’m here to assist you in building awesome portals, but it goes a long way when the tools you use are easy to learn. The Portal Connector provides a consistent, visual, drag and drop environment that facilitates a smooth learning curve to get you from zero to hero fast.

With the intuitive drag and drop, point and click environment and the wide assortment of functional widgets in The Portal Connector’s utility belt, The Portal Connector can help you quickly, and easily create engaging, CRM data driven experiences for your customers, vendors, partners or any other group you want to interact with - without knowing a line of code! 

Flexible Customizations

As much as a stacked utility belt can foil the evillest of plans or create the most appealing portals, sometimes, like Batman, you just need that little bit of help from Robin. You’re well on your way to being a Portal Hero, but your portal utility belt is missing that one tool that will ensure success. You need your own Robin, with their own utility belt!

Good thing The Portal Connector has a special, super-duper, developer extraordinaire set of tools for your Robin / your Developer. With The Portal Connector’s Visual Studio developer extensions, the ability to customize portal widgets and create brand new widgets with familiar technologies like C#, HTML, Angular, JavaScript and others, finding your Robin to put your portal over the top is easy.

Easy to Deliver

Finally, Batman and Robin have all of those pesky villains - all “POW”, “CRACK”, “BAM” tied up, they just need to deliver them to Chief Gordon before heading back to the Bat Cave. You’re truly a Portal Hero now; you have a utility belt and a sidekick – now you just need to deliver.

The Portal Connector works with any version of Dynamics CRM or 365, on all devices and is responsive by default. More importantly, it can be hosted anywhere you want to deliver it – the choice is yours.

Have No Fear, The Portal Connector is Here!

Welcome Hero, it’s always exciting to welcome a new Portal Hero to the team. But remember, if you can’t handle Dr. Evil’s sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, then give us a call and we will rally the other Portal Heroes to the cause. The Portal Connector has your back!

Our philosophy is to use the right tool for the right job. The Portal Connector is leading the way in empowering Portal Heroes with the tools to deliver engaging, easy-to-use and cost-effective Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 integrated web portal solutions.

Customers needs are seldom simple.  They often have complex needs to complement their complex business processes.  That is why you need a portal solution that is completely and easily configurable and customizable.  That is why you need The Portal Connector.

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