Choosing The Portal Connector over Microsoft Portals

Choosing The Portal Connector over Microsoft Portals

The Portal Connector is leading the way in empowering Microsoft Partners with the tools to deliver engaging, easy-to-use and cost-effective Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 integrated web portal solutions.

With only a few options available in the marketplace, here are some Key Features that make The Portal Connector an attractive choice for Microsoft Partners:

Visualizations for CRM Users Creating a Web Portal

  • Web pages are created in the website environment (Content Management System).
  • Control the layout of your page content and forms with a drag and drop editor.
  • Import visualizations and charts directly from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365.
  • Build grids of data with our integrated FetchXML builder.
  • Embed content, video, images and more in any portal page.


  • Customizable templates for all portal building blocks.
  • Create your own Views for our MVC widgets.
  • Create custom drag and drop widgets that interact with Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 with the platform API.

Process for Delivering Portals

  • Learn the basics of a successful portal with our Free Training and Daily Q&A sessions.
  • Learn successful techniques in our User Forums and Documentation section.
  • Develop consistent presentation and flow with out of the box Portal Connector functionality.
  • Develop customizations for The Portal Connector so you can deliver a truly engaging user experience.
  • Deliver an enterprise ready portal and content management system.
  • Deliver an exceptional experience by integrating advanced system features like content personalization, ecommerce and persona analytics.

Speed to Deliver Portals

  • Edit your portal in a visual editor so you can see changes as they happen.
  • Quickly add new elements by using our intuitive drag and drop editing.
  • Manage all portal content from our centralized administrative area.
  • Import interactive charts and graphs from CRM visualizations.
  • Develop new functionality using The Portal Connector Visual Studio extensions to get you going quickly.

Advanced Technical Capabilities

  • Perfect your presentation with The Portal Connector javascript API.
  • Add new functionality by extending our MVC widgets using our C# API.
  • Customize widget views or create new views wired to our MVC controllers.
  • Personalize the view for different user roles or types automatically.
  • Incorporate a multilingual aspect to capture a broader audience.
  • Be selective on what pages are cached and how long to keep them cached.

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