5 Reasons Your Customers Want You To Have A Web Portal

5 Reasons why your Customers want you to have a Web Portal

While you may have considered the benefits of having a web portal to increase the efficiency of your business, have you considered why your customers want you to have a web portal?

Their motivations may be similar to yours, and providing a web portal that will benefit them, could be the clincher that turns a happy customer into a loyal customer!

1. I don't have time to talk!

While you might be the most engaging and friendly company to deal with, sometimes customers just don’t have time to talk.  They want service in a fast and efficient way.  By logging onto your secure web portal and being able to see the information or services that they need, ie. update their information or see open cases that they may have, they can get on with their day.  You have just made a customer of yours more efficient!

Of course, if they need to reach you, I am sure there are ways they can get your friendly voice on the phone!

2. We don't share the same hours.

Depending on the type of customers you have or their location in the world, you might not share the same hours of operations.  These customers need a way to engage with you that accommodates their schedule and available time.   For example, if you provide consumer based services, they may need to deal with personal items on their own time.  Being able to login to your secure web portal at 11:00pm to request information or services will be of great benefit to them.

3. Let me see my information

Your customers want to see the information that relates to their account.  Being able to login to a web portal to see profile information, historical transactions, financial history is no longer a luxury, it is becoming a basic expectation for customers.  They don’t want to hear about their information over the phone or by email, they want to see it in real time and be able to interact with it.  That’s right, interact!

4. I want to interact with my information

From simple to complex web portals, customers want to interact with their information.  That could mean updating address and phone number fields, to managing multiple registrations for your conference, to completing an RMA request for a product (including printing return labels).  While not all information can be adjusted, your web portal should have the flexibility to provide both static and dynamic information for your customers.

5. Keep your records up to date!

Finally, customers want the assurance that the information they see is the information you have.  So the data needs to be integrated with your CRM and other business solutions in real time, so there is confidence that when they make a change, your records are also current and up to date.

So, I am sure you can agree that your motivations for a web portal may be similar.  All of the reasons for a customer wanting a web portal, will be of great benefit to your business as well.

The reason that you have chosen a fantastic solution like Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, is the same reason why you should choose The Portal Connector!  Extend the powerful Dynamics tool out to your customers.

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