The Changing Landscape for
Dynamics CRM and Web Portals

Dynamics CRM Partners have a lot of change to deal with and sifting through the options available with Dynamics 365 can be an overwhelming task.

The current options for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Portals are The Portal Connector and Microsoft Portals.  The portal solution you choose will largely depend on the complexity of the solution your customers need.

For basic Profile or Case Management needs, Microsoft Portals may be the right choice.  But remember, each new Portal from Microsoft requires another license and if you need to customize or modify the portals make sure you have a developer handy.

Customers needs are seldom simple.  They often have complex needs to complement their complex business processes.  That is why you need a portal solution that is completely and easily configurable and customizable.  That is why you need The Portal Connector.

A very common question we get is "How are you different than Microsoft Portals?"

It can be tricky to compare apples to apples when two products take such a different approach to a common business need.

Here are the key comparisons between The Portal Connector and Microsoft Portals.  Not all features are compared below, that would just be too long a list.  If you want a more detailed comparison, please contact us for a live demonstration and discussion.

Note that The Portal Connector is the only portal product available that is still being developed for all versions of Dynamics CRM 2011+ and Dynamics 365.

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