• Introducing a flexible and
    feature rich Portal Solution
    for your organization.

    Seamless integration between Microsoft
    Dynamics CRM and a secure and customizable
    Online Portal means you are able to provide
    more effective Customer Service—faster.

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  • The Portal Connector Partner Program

    We are committed to our Partner Channel and provide choices to fit almost any Partner's business model. We’re not only committed to delivering the very BEST Portal for Dynamics CRM to your clients, we are here to help you grow your business.

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  • An agile and responsive solution that they could maintain themselves.

    FirstPath needed a self-management process for resellers to access real time information online, that wouldn’t require manually updating the data on the portal.

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  • We offer one easy-to-use, powerful solution.

    With the Portal Connector, you don't need to worry about the version you should pick or the features you need to choose.

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  • The Complete Guide to Choosing a Portal Solution

    Investigating any technology solution for your
      business can be overwhelming. How do you know
     if you are asking the right questions and
    getting the best solution available?

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    Your Complete Guide to Choosing a CRM/365 Portal Solution

Partner Program

We are committed to our Partner Channel and provide choices to fit almost any Partner's business model.

We are not only committed to delivering the very BEST Portal for Dynamics CRM to your clients, we are here to help you grow your business.
Taking on a new product offering is a challenge.  We have been there, just like you, and know firsthand what your concerns are.

Here is how we will help you overcome those challenges and become successful.

Referral and Authorized Partner Tracks

Each of our Partner Tracks comes with its own benefits. Not sure which one is right for you? No problem, start with one and switch if you find it doesn't meet your business needs. We understand and will work with you to grow your business.


Earn Margin on License Sales

No onboarding new higher skilled resources

You do not need to sell, just provide referrals

50% Discount on NFR License

Be a hero in your Customers' eyes by recommending a total solution


Earn Increased Margin on License Sales

Opportunity for high margin services

We support your Sales and Marketing team

Free NFR and Demo License

Grow a whole new profit center

Drive deeper into your Customer base

This is how we will help you overcome challenges and become successful

The Blocker  How We Help 
Managing the Sale and ramping up the Sales Team is difficult and time consuming.  Our Sales Support Team will provide one on one sales training and readiness to your Sales People so they are armed with the knowledge they need. We will also support your sales motion with joint sales calls and online demos. 
Will we be able to execute on the deliverables?  Our Support Team will deliver one on one technical training to ramp up your resources so they have the skills needed to deliver an effective solution. If you need help, our team is standing by to lighten your workload and do the heavy lifting when necessary. 
Training  the End Users is a lot of work and ongoing Our unlimited End User training solution means your Customers can get live instructor lead training as often as they need so they can effectively use the solution you built for them. 
How do I support my Customers on the new solution?  Whether you want us to support you or the End User directly, our Support Team is standing by to address any and all Portal Connector needs. 
How do I make sure the solution will meet my Customers' future needs?  Technology does not stand still and our Maintenance plan means new features and capabilities are always at your fingertips. 

We are confident you will uncover more sales and opportunities within your customer base.  If, with our support, you do not close a new deal within 90 days of signing up as a Partner, we will give you a Portal Connector license for FREE. 

We are here to assist with all of your Dynamics CRM Portal needs